WEB 3海外社媒/社群运营(兼职)

Vertu成立于1998年,是首间专门以手工打造奢华手机、通讯器材的公司。Republic of Vertu(ROV)是Vertu在全球发起的web3概念生态,我们主张一切数字主权归于人民,坚信手机将成为下一步web3世界入口终端。ROV将基于VERTU于2022年10月发布的web3手机METAVERTU,助力构建web3基础设施,推进web3全面替代现有应用生态。如果您对web3及dao组织感兴趣,欢迎加入我们的ROV社区,并通过Discord、Telegram和Twitter一起发展我们的ROV社区。

Vertu is a British-based manufacturer and retailer of luxury handmade mobile phones. Republic of Vertu (ROV) is a web3 concept ecology initiated by Vertu, we believe that all digital sovereignty belongs to the people, and mobile phones will become the next entry terminal for the web3 world. Based on the new web3 mobile phone METAVERTU released by VERTU in October 2022, We will help build web3 infrastructure and promote web3 to fully replace the existing application ecosystem. If you are interested in Web 3 and Dao, welcome to join our ROV ommunity through Discord, Telegram and Twitter.

二、岗位职责 Job Description:

  1. 负责Discord、Telegram和Twitter等海外社交媒体的运营; Responsible for the operation of overseas social media such as Discord, Telegram and Twitter;
  1. 及时响应用户的问题和评论,帮助用户快速进入并了解ROV生态;Respond to users’ questions and comments to help users quickly enter and understand the ROV;
  1. 配合Vertu市场团队活动,探索本土化内容运营方式,促进用户活跃,对社媒/社群用户增长和留存负责。

Cooperate with Vertu’s marketing activities. Lead users, promote user activity, and be responsible for the growth and retention of social media/community users through the three modules of content, activities and users.

  • 任职要求 Job requirements:
  1. 英语可作为工作语言,口语流利;

English can be used as a working language and spoken fluently;

  1. 深入了解Web3行业,掌握动态,有能力在自己的社群/社媒里策划、输出和web 3有关的活动和内容;
    Have an in-depth understanding of the Web3 field, master information trends, and be able to planactivities and output contents related to Web3 in your own community/social media;
  1. 有Discord运营实操经验,运营过NFT和DAO等Web3相关社区(此为必须项);
    Have practical experience in Discord operation, and have operated Web3-related communities such as NFT and DAO (thisis necessary);
  2. 熟悉并擅长twitter等海外社交媒体运营,拥有以上社区/社媒资源者优先;
    Familiar with and good at overseas social media operations, such as twitter, those with the above community/social media resources are preferred;

This is a part-time job (remote). Working hours and salary will be negotiated according to the situation of job seekers through online interviews. If you are interested in this position, please contact me and attach your CV: rainie.ren@vertu.com


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